These tutorials will help you with important media tasks like Making your First Video, Three-Point Lighting, and How to make a screen capture in Adobe Captivate.


Video 101

Making your First Video

Tips for Filming with One Camera

Tips for Filming against a window

Three-Point Lighting

Three-Point Lighting Tutorial

Introduction to Three-Point Lighting

Recording Audio for Business Video

Audio Tips

Mastering Mobile Video – Welcome

Shooting video with your iPhone

Mastering Mobile Video – Best Practices

Mastering Mobile Video – Working with Light

Mastering Mobile Video – Capturing Audio

Shooting for the Edit

Editing Basics

How to make a screen capture in Adobe Captivate

How to record your computer screen with audio on a Mac

How to record using Screencast-o-Matic

How to use Video Everywhere within Blackboard

How to use a Webcam

How to look good on a webcam

How to not look ugly on your webcam

Recording audio on your laptop – Basics

How to narrate within powerpoint

Understanding Jump Cuts

Working with Bounced Lighting

Basic Green Screen Setup

Green-Screen Lights and materials

Introducing iMovie

Starting an Edit in iMovie

Ambient Sound vs. Room Tone

Introduction to Filmic Pro

iMovie Editing Tips: Getting the Most out of Simple Software

Does Video Length Matter?

Additional Resources