These short documents will get you started on variety of HBO topical areas including course design & structure, pedagogy, media, and “how do I do that online?”


Academic Integrity In The Hybrid And Blended Classroom

Just as plagiarism, cheating, and other ethical breaches are important concerns in the on-ground classroom…

F2F to Online

Action Learning

Action Learning is a participatory learning process involving a small group working on real problems, proposing actions and strategies, …

Blended Learning

Aligning Learning Objectives, Instructional Activities And Assessments

Learning Objectives are clear statements of the specific learning goals students will attain.

Curriculum Design

Alignment Of Media To Objectives

In your online courses, you will create learning objectives to guide the development and selection of all the objects in the course.

Integrating Media

Andragogy Versus Pedagogy

What are the unique needs and perspectives of adult learners and how do they differ from the learning needs of children or young adults?


Assessment In The Hybrid, Blended, And Online Learning Environments

As an educator, you are familiar with assessment as explained by Huba and Freed (2000).

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