Hybrid, Blended, and Online Learning at Laureate Education: Exploring Myths and Best Practices - White Paper

The goal of this White Paper is to address concerns that many Faculty members have about digital education and introduce some of the best practices in this area. In addition, this paper provides Faculty and student examples from around the Laureate Network—highlighting the value of digital teaching and learning.


For millions of people around the world, the promise of higher education is the promise of a better life for themselves and their families. Laureate Education is uniquely poised to meet that global need for higher education with its commitment to provide students access to quality higher education around the world. Bringing to life the Laureate sprit, “Here for Good,” means expanding our commitment to students who currently are not able to access higher education. One of the most important ways Laureate can do this is to increase our offerings of quality higher education through hybrid, blended, and online (digital) education. These modalities allow institutions to reach students who otherwise might not have access to quality higher education and to respond to the new ways students are increasingly interacting with technology. Reaching new students is an important driver of Laureate’s hybridity goal. Authors: Barry Sugarman, Gary J Burkholder, Van L. Davis, Deborah Everhart